Dear Gossips,   

Do you think Rihanna’s people deliberately leaked all that nonsense about the announcement of a tour/album ahead of Fenty Bowl to divert attention away from the confirmation of her pregnancy? Or is this just another case of The Sun getting it wrong? It was The Sun that reported first that RiRi would be using the Halftime Show momentum to reveal the big news about a “comeback tour” and that article is still up on their site: 

The Sun's Rihanna headline

In the days that followed, other outlets tried to jump in on the speculation with Page Six talking about how even some people on her team were kept in the dark about what her plans would be. Those plans, as we know now, are not about a tour – another example of how the British tabloids often get it wrong. Rihanna may not have intended to, but I appreciate that she clowned them. I also appreciate that I was right in my prediction last week that there would be no tour, no music. 

But that doesn’t mean we won’t see her perform again soon. “Lift Me Up” notably was not part of her set last night. She had a lot to choose from in her catalogue – I get why that track got cut. But it might have been easier to cut it because “Lift Me Up” is nominated for Best Original Song at the Oscars. And, typically, the Original Song nominees are performed during the broadcast. Of course the Oscar producers would want Rihanna at their show. Of course they’d want her to perform it. Just a matter of whether or not she says yes. If she showed up at the Golden Globes, chances are she’d show up at the Oscars. And is that where we’ll hear her sing it? 

More on Rihanna and the Fenty Bowl to come. 

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