As we now know, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle spent the holidays in Canada. It’s actually been confirmed that they were in Canada the whole time, not just Christmas and New Year’s but before that, from when they started their break at the end of 2019, despite the fact that it had been widely reported by the UK tabloids that they’d be in Los Angeles with Meghan’s ma, Doria Ragland. 

Upon their return to London, the Sussexes then announced their first official public appearance of the new year: a visit to Canada House yesterday to thank Canadians for their hospitality. 

No surprise then that The Sun just published an “exclusive” story about Harry and Meghan moving to Canada. The headline is eye-catching, the story itself is pretty vague – preliminary discussions are taking place about the Sussexes future plans and everything is on the table but Canada is a strong possibility for their home base… 

Even though just a few months ago, UK royal reporters were saying that Harry and Meghan would be headquartered out of Africa so…


Do we really have to take this seriously?


The answer is no. 

They’re not moving to Canada. 

But it IS interesting to consider this story in the context of Sussex information dissemination. Remember, as I just mentioned, nobody knew they were in Canada until they were already there for weeks. Prior to that, the UK media was in the dark about their whereabouts. And this isn’t a surprise considering that Harry and Meghan are suing several UK newspapers and have been distancing themselves from the palace power nucleus. 

So basically all this time no one knew anything. And now they’re claiming that they know everything. How could they possibly know about a permanent move to Canada? One way of looking at it is that it’s a make-a-story. But the other way of looking at it, as I’ve suggested before, is that they’re sniffing out who the leakers are, and planting fake sh-t like Colleen Rooney to isolate it back to the source. 

Beyond the accuracy or inaccuracy of the reporting though, if we’re talking about whether or not the Sussexes could, at some point, move away in the future – right now Harry and Prince William seem to not be as close as they used to be, which of course is contributing to all this speculation. I’m not convinced though that it’s going to be this way forever. 

Prince William will need allies. The palace environment is a viper’s den and while, sure, some may be inclined to believe that William hasn’t done enough to discourage this behaviour, he on some level must understand that the vipers’ loyalty can turn quickly and I don’t know that, one day, as he approaches his own ascendancy, whether or not he’ll want to have his brother, the person he knows best, so far away. If he’s smart, or if there’s anyone with a brain in his inner circle, they should be telling him that he needs as many people as he can trust around him – and, ultimately, there’s no one he can trust more than Harry. Whether or not Harry can trust William, however, is another story. 

Attached - more photos of Meghan and Harry at Canada House in London yesterday.