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Up until a week ago, I knew nothing about The Try Guys. And then Ned Fulmer cheated on his wife and here I am, posting about them again. Not necessarily because of the infidelity itself, but the reaction to it. Like, the way everyone’s popping off about this and addressing the situation, one dude stepping out on his wife might bring down an entire company. I totally get why HIS career might be f-cked but his f-cksh-t has jeopardised the brand. For more background on The Try Guys, Kayleigh Donaldson wrote a primer about them at Pajiba last week. And now to the update – the remaining Try Guys released a video last night explaining/apologising (?!) to their fans and followers for the mess. Which is another layer of wild. Because it’s not like they cheated on Ned’s wife. 


So they’re basically scrubbing Ned from their videos, as much as they can scrub him, and they’ve had to scrap several videos entirely, at a considerable cost, and revise the release plans for their upcoming videos and projects – it’s a LOT, to some who aren’t familiar with the brand, it feels like an overreaction but as Kayleigh has explained in her piece and on Twitter, and as the three Try Guys suggest themselves, there may be more going on behind the scenes legally that they can’t talk about and also it’s the way of YouTube and those who rise to fame from YouTube. The platform for these content creators requires this kind of sharing and maybe even moralising? Duana sent me a tweet about this this morning because she was just as flummoxed about the whole thing last night on the group chat: 

That said, as far as public celebrity apologies go, even though these three people didn’t do anything wrong, it’s a really, really good one. 


They’re specific about dates and timelines, they're specific about the steps that have been taken, including the involvement of third party consultants, they’re specific about the work that will be affected, and while these are clearly prepared statements, they’re not reading like robots, there is genuine emotion here. 

The emotion is what alerted me to the statement in the first place. Otherwise I wouldn’t have paid attention to all of this playing out on social media last night. But the trending topic that caught my attention first was “#eugene”. It’s just not a word you expect to see lighting up Twitter, at least not on my feed. So, to be honest, the reason I got sucked into last night is because of the hilarious tweets about Eugene’s rage energy in the Try Guys apology/explanation video. And I know that’s dickishly insensitive because these people are going through real stress and I’m over here all like, OMG this man, his body language, his face, his fit!


It’s just …the memes are irresistible. This one sent me…


Eugene Lee Yang is the current standard for one of the best expressions in pop culture right now: 

Twitter thread about Eugene

I don’t ever want to be so mad that I end up serving c-nt in the corner but if I’m ever that mad, I aspire to be able to rise to Eugene’s level of serving c-nt. The Try Guys have a new fan. 

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