Dear Gossips,

The Sun has a story on its website today about how the Queen will be giving advice to Meghan Markle about all the “PR blunders” that have happened over the last few months. 



That makes it sound like this is something the Queen is actually planning, right? But that’s not quite what it says in the article. There is a lot of “may” and “might” and “could” in what Phil is saying. Check out this paragraph:

“This might be a good opportunity to have, not an assessment of her, but a quiet chat away from the madding crowds as to how she thinks it is going.

“I think in quiet moments and quiet walks up by the river the Queen might have a few words of advice for her.

“I’m sure there must be things where she perhaps thinks things could be done better, so I’m sure she would give her some advice, especially if she asks for it.”

Not exactly what the headline is selling, is it? The headline is selling a fact. This is, quite simply, a prediction. I would also like to make a prediction: while they are together, the Queen might tell Meghan Markle that she really wants to meet Beyoncé and she may ask Meghan to FaceTime Beyoncé when they’re having tea together if she could invite her to come visit. You can predict anything you want but it doesn’t mean it’s going to happen. 

So what’s the point of this prediction about the Queen maybe telling Meghan how she could have done better? Perhaps it’s to undermine the detail about Prince Harry and Meghan being invited to Balmoral. If they show up at Balmoral at the Queen’s invitation, it takes the air out of the rumours about Her Majesty being unimpressed with House Sussex. Everyone knows how much she enjoys her summers there and what an honour it is to be asked to join her. This prediction gives the haters a lifeline – Harry and Meghan aren’t going because the Queen actually wants to spend time with them, they’re being summoned so that she can lecture them. The girl is 93 years old. Can’t she just have her holiday in peace?   

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,