Dear Gossips, 

The iHeartRadio Music Awards were last night and it was The Weeknd and BTS leading the way with the most wins. BTS took the named Best Music Video, Best Fan Army, and Favourite Choreography. So it’s been a big week for the band, because they’ve once again broken all kinds of records with the release of “Butter”, which should hit #1 on the Billboard 100 – Billboard will announce in a few days so we’ll talk more about that imminent achievement when it’s official. 


As for The Weeknd, he’s ending the After Hours era with major wins at last week’s Billboard Awards and at iHeart and seems to be really pumped to be performing in front of live audiences again. His stage last night was extra special… because Ariana Grande joined him to perform “Save Your Tears”, their first time singing it together live. I already loved the original version of this song. And I loved it when they released the duet a couple of weeks ago but hearing them sing it in person together took it to another level, not just for the audience, I think, but for the artists too. Because of the audience (it has been a WHILE) and the vocal rest too, because holy sh-t Ariana’s voice…



I’ve already watched this three times. It’s magic, right? Sometimes performance magic happens when there’s a lot of activity and visual stimulation. Sometimes, though, there doesn’t have to be a lot going on other than a great song, an engaged audience, and performers responding to that energy and to each other. This is the formula that Abel and Ariana found last night. And you saw it right away as he was undeniably delighted by the crowd singing along, which created exactly the right vibe for Ariana to make her entrance – and from there, it was the two of them playing off of each other, and the crowd, as they each took turns being fans of each other, singing and bopping along even when it wasn’t their turn.

It all goes back to what Duana says about these events…

When the people up there are having fun, it makes all the difference. The Weekend and Ariana were having fun – so much fun. It was obvious, they miss this. They miss what they do. And as soon as they had the chance to do what they do, together, they enjoyed every second, every note. 

Speaking of fun… well… Silk Sonic, always.


Yours in gossip,