When we think of the expression, “show the receipts”, especially online, it often refers to gossip evidence. This week it’s taken on a different meaning. A better meaning. 

While some celebrities have been called out for the amount of their donations to Black Lives Matter related organisations, including bail-out funding programs for protestors and assistance to those who are both protesting and trying to protect themselves during the pandemic, considering how wealthy they are, others have been pulling up financially, not because they’re trying to show off how wealthy they are but because they’re challenging their peers to do the same. 


The Weeknd, aka Abel Tesfaye, has donated $500,000 and posted the receipts after Mustafa the Poet (from Toronto) challenged him and Drake: 

Mustafa shared his exchange with Drake, who was apparently having credit card problems:


Please. We all know Drake is good for it. And here’s his receipt: 

And yes, of course, $100K is nothing to Drake. It’s not even half his bed. But he did something. Something is better than the nothing that too many people with means are doing. Can I just leave you with my favourite tweet about Drake’s donation though? He’s Drake, he can take it, it’s OK. And it wouldn’t be a Drake moment if there wasn’t an opportunity for a Drake jab.