Will and Kate are going on tour next month and right now Taika Waititi and Rita Ora are in Milan on a fashion tour. They’ve been front row at Fendi and Prada so far, performing front row attitude and pouts. 


It’s been almost a year now that Rita and Taika went public with their relationship. It was confirmed, officially, in the spring of 2021, but obviously they’d started dating before so their anniversary has passed. They seemed immediately comfortable in the spotlight when the paps started shooting them and also on red carpets – and that may be one of the keys to their relationship. Because while even though there’s a fame and Hollywood status difference, Rita and Taika match perfectly in that it looks like they love the attention equally. 

In Taika, Rita has found herself a thirst partner. So of course they’re doing the most in Milan. That said, Taika might be enjoying the clothes but like all of us, he contains multitudes. And he can keep his eye on the runway but also trying to inform himself about the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This is what he’s been tweeting and retweeting about the last few days. 


I think a lot of us have been trying to do as much reading as we can lately on this situation. Here’s a piece I read this morning about one of the roots of the Ukrainian-Russian tensions. Here’s an op-ed in the NYT about wars of choice and wars of necessity. Here’s another from the Guardian and what options there are to deal with Putin. And another about the ripple effects of war. This is Masha Gessen’s piece in The New Yorker about the “Crushing Loss of Hope in Ukraine”. To be clear, this is not about agreeing or disagreeing with any of the analysis and suggestions, it’s more to do with getting a better understanding of what’s going. And if you have any recommendations I’d appreciate if you could send my way.