A few weeks ago in one of our group chats, Duana casually dropped into the conversation that Owen Wilson could get it. In that particular group chat, Duana’s the outlier where attraction preference is concerned. Like WAY OUTLIER. The rest of us are all about the pretty boys and beefcakes. Cut to Duana dropping Ray Romano into the thread and five immediate WTFFFFFFFs exploding all over the screen. Owen Wilson, then, was a reasonable Duana entry - quirky and offbeat, I saw that for her. It was just after Loki premiered and I hadn’t started it yet…so I didn’t know. 


But then, a few days later, I did hit play on Loki and… I get it. Owen Wilson can get it. He is f-cking great in Loki, sexy and sensitive and wry but also earnest and because of this role, for me at least, it’s led me to appreciate Owen Wilson in a totally different way. In the right way. Because if we’re talking about versatility, Owen Wilson is versatile. He’s in Loki, and the season finale is tomorrow, and Sarah’s basically calling it one of the best things Marvel has ever done. But also Owen Wilson is the Wes Anderson Company of Actors, the one Wes Anderson goes to most often, actually, and he’s Wedding Crashers and dumb comedy and kung-fu comedy (Shanghai Knights, lol) and he’s rom-com (he just wrapped on a movie with JLo last year and I can’t wait to see what that chemistry is) and now he’s Marvel…which…all that combined is a flex, right?! 

So through this new perspective, I’m seeing Owen Wilson on the red carpet at Cannes, with The French Dispatch team, with his hair a little longer like this and his sunglasses on, or off, it doesn’t matter, and I’m like, yeah, Owen Wilson, I’m thirsting for Owen Wilson. And you?