There’s really not much to this post other than thirst. Because where Oscar Isaac is, thirst often follows. And it’s not just us on the internet thirsting for Oscar; it’s also his friends, his co-stars. 


Here’s Jason Momoa a couple of years ago introducing Oscar as his man crush:


I feel like Jason’s not alone here, not among actors anyway. Oscar seems like an actor that all actors have a thing for – because of his work, of course, primarily, but also because of the charisma, his earnest swagger, which is a hard thing to pull off because earnestness and swagger are on opposite sides of the energy spectrum, and yet somehow Oscar can combine them. And there’s also his hair. Actors notice good hair, maybe more than we do. 

Anyway, Oscar and Jason worked together in Dune and they’re collaborating on another project now, in Venice. It’s Julian Schnabel’s next film, In The Hand of Dante, adapted from Nick Tosches book of the same name. The production has received an interim agreement from SAG-AFTRA. So you can thirst guilt-free over Isaac at work.