I know this outfit on Tanya Tucker is dated and most people would never. But I like it a lot more than the body-con various-shades-of-nude spandex sh-t that’s gotten so tired on Kardashian Instagram accounts. I would wear this for sure over a sheer panel dress. I would rather wear this than the wide leg trousers favoured by Victoria Beckham and Meghan Markle. Just maybe without the hat. (Go Fug Yourself) 


“Here’s to God, and football, and ten years from now Street, good friends living large in Texas. Texas forever, Street.” Texas Forever, y’all…but where has Taylor Kitsch been? He recently confirmed a new series for Amazon with Chris Pratt and they started shooting a few weeks ago. So we should see him soon enough. Today is his birthday. He’s 40! (Dlisted) 

Allison Janney talks about not having kids. And I f-cking LOVE this quote. (Cele|bitchy) 

Which way do you put your phone in your pocket? Does the screen face out or does it face in? I can’t remember the last time I had my phone in a pants pocket. When we used to be in the office for work it would always go in my back pocket, screen facing in. These days, if it’s in a pocket, it’s in my coat pocket, and it doesn’t matter where the screen faces because the pocket has a zipper so I’m not worried about whether or not it’ll be seen or damaged. In the summer though, if I’m wearing a denim jacket, it goes in the breast pocket, upside down and screen facing in so that I can have my headphones plugged in. I obviously care more about this topic than I thought I did. (Pajiba) 

OMG. Yes. Finally. We don’t have to pair specific wines with certain foods anymore. So please, let’s stop insisting that white goes with fish and red goes with steak because I don’t and can’t drink much red, it doesn’t agree with me. And I love a steak. And, really, I just want to drink rosé with everything, just let me live. (Eater)