Kelly Clarkson was in Toronto yesterday to host WE Day. She seemed really excited to meet Mia Farrow. This tweet cracked me up:

Kelly is also promoting a new album, Meaning Of Life, due out October 27th. It’s her first album since 2015 but also, her first album with Atlantic, her new record label after leaving RCA which means, as she says, it’s music she’s wanted to make without interference. She’s never openly sh-t on RCA and working with Clive Davis but she has called her previous record deal an “arranged marriage” that sometimes worked out and sometimes put her in positions she wasn’t entirely comfortable with. Which is why she’s so excited about this album. These are songs she’s been waiting to sing for almost 20 years, a sound she’s been trying to produce for just as long.

You know what hasn’t changed about Kelly Clarkson though? Kelly Clarkson is still… the best. SO nice. I don’t think I know anyone who dislikes Kelly Clarkson. It’s impossible. Here’s a fresh story about Kelly Clarkson that says everything about Kelly Clarkson. Yesterday while I was waiting for my lunch to heat up in the microwave, I looked out the window and saw Kelly Clarkson getting dropped off. She was arriving with her team in one of those VIP black vans. It was super low-key, no cameras around. Several people were pulling out rolling cases and bags, possibly her hair and makeup artists, lugging around their kits. And production staff hanging on to all their gear to support her on her press tour. Kelly headed towards the doors first. Someone opened the door for her. Instead of walking through though, she held open the door for everyone else, all the people pulling the cases, all the people who were not the star. This is an ordinary thing to do. It’s not like she gave someone her kidney. So I get it. It shouldn’t be special. And you’re right. It shouldn’t be. But I’m telling you. It rarely, rarely happens. The star is never the one to be holding open the door while the staff go through. And it didn’t look like she was opening it for the first time either. It looked Kelly Clarkson is a door-opener all of the time. That there was nothing unusual to the people around her to see her holding open that door. Being considerate. Being thoughtful. Being decent.

I love her. I love her so much. And she’s on The Social today. And I can’t f-cking wait. Also I listen to Love So Soft on repeat.