Frank Ocean disappears. It’s what he does. He drops dope sh-t, blows our minds and goes away for a while until he drops his next mind-blowing piece of artistic genius. He doesn’t show up unless he wants to, or as Lainey put it this morning, he doesn’t do anything unless he loves it. Frank Ocean interviewed Timothee Chalamet for V Magazine so that must mean that he really loves Call Me By Your Name. Of course he does. It’s brilliant. I don’t know anyone who didn’t walk away from CMBYN without a crush on Timothee. We’ve been crushing on Frank Ocean for years. When I saw that these two certified indie darlings/Internet Boyfriends came together in conversation for V – even though it seems like a random pairing – I wasn’t surprised. If you played Blonde underneath every scene in CMBYN, it would probably be a beautiful accompaniment, right? Now I’m obsessed with Frank Ocean scoring the sequel

The vibe of the piece is basically just Timothee fan boy-ing all over Frank and Frank responding in the coolest ways possible, like inadvertently telling Timothee to find his chill. Example:

TIMOTHÉE CHALAMET Yeah, man. This is so exciting. It is an honor to speak to you, man. I’m such a huge fan. This is going to be a real test to keep my voice level and keep this as normal of a conversation as possible [laughs].

FRANK OCEAN You got this.

Or there’s my favourite part of the piece, which I sent to Lainey via this tweet: 

I am dying. If it was anyone else attempting to sing at Frank Ocean, I don’t think I would find it this charming. But Timothee singing Seigfried at Frank (over the phone) and promptly getting shut down is my favourite thing on the Internet today. My other favourite nuggets from this convo: Frank Ocean watches Ellen. Frank Ocean Googles “top five places to get pizza” in New York like all of us.

The conversation happened the day of the SAG Awards. Timothee went on to lose Best Actor to Gary Oldman but was charming as hell on the red carpet. The night of the SAG Awards is when I decided to get on the Timothee bandwagon. When he busted out Bartier Cardi, I was like, FINE, I stan. 

He is so goddamn adorable. Even though he’s not the frontrunner to win the Oscar, Timothee has already won this award season. 

I love that he’s clearly a hip-hop head, and if his love of Cardi B wasn’t enough, he name checks Kanye and quotes A$AP ROCKY’s Please Don’t Touch My Raf when Frank Ocean asks him about wearing designer Raf Simons to the SAGs. Timothee talks about being a fan of fashion in a way you don’t hear a lot of men in Hollywood talk about fashion. He gushes over designers and calls them “rock stars.” Other actors may try to act like they don’t care about fashion but we know they do. Timothee CARES. He cares about getting to talk to Frank. He cares about his work. He cares so much. I think that might be his more endearing characteristic – he’s not trying to hide how much he cares. It’s so refreshing. 

The entire conversation between Frank and Timothee is worth your time. Read it here.