Timothee Chalamet was walking around New York yesterday very New Yorkly, doing things like wearing a Yankees jersey and getting a slice of pizza. My Chicago ass is going to sh-t on New York for pizza for a second—it’s just big. I’ve had good New York pizza, don’t get me wrong, but it’s just big. It’s a supersized slice, that’s it. You don’t have to like Chicago deep dish, but at least it’s a certain thing. It’s a RECIPE. There are entire arguments about what type of crust to use, which sauce, do you use crumbled sausage or whole patties, it’s not JUST about the depth of the slice. Deep dish is a unique cuisine. New York pizza is just wide. I SAID WHAT I SAID.


Anyway, Timmy is giving off big Bob Dylan vibes, isn’t he? With the strike on, James Mangold’s Dylan biopic is on hold, but it looks like Timmy is getting into the mood anyway with the hair and the sunglasses…and maybe the music? I’d love to know what he’s listening to. I use music to set the mood when I’m writing (right now it’s a playlist of Sinead O’Connor), and I’m always interested in how music influences artists. Like I have a LaineyGossip playlist for when I’m working, does Timmy have a Bob Dylan playlist, and a Dune playlist, and a Wonka playlist? I’m actually terrified of what might be on a Wonka playlist. What if it’s just the soundtrack of Cats?