Timothee Chalamet: the bowl cut has an accent

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We interrupt MTV VMAs coverage because… Timothee Chalamet has an accent. 

I wrote about Timothee Chalamet’s bowl cut when the poster for The King was released last week and just the sight of him, with his jawline, and the frustration on his face, was enough to distract me for a whole morning. Now there’s a trailer. And he has an accent. And I’m having a hard time caring about anything else. 

His voice is deeper with an accent. It’s going to end me. How will I make it through this movie? It was hard enough during Call Me By Your Name when he was flowing smoothly between English, French, and Italian. Some people can’t do accents. Timmy has the skill. He might have all the skills. 

The trailer opens with a challenge from Lily-Rose Depp as Catherine, his future wife, to Hal: what she’s really asking him is if he has what it takes, if he can bring it. I’ll answer that question for him. Yes, yes he can bring it. Yes he will bring it. Yes it will be brought. 

The Mood
The Atmosphere

…is what Sarah emailed me the moment the trailer ended. Indeed the hair. A lock of Timmy’s hair should be archived in the Academy Museum. I don’t care if this is weird. I would buy a ticket to go see it. 

Speaking of hair though – Robert Pattinson’s going back to his Edward Cullen hair, and I’m pretty sure they dusted off an old Twilight wig too. Robert is playing the Dauphin of France, the “foe”. He’s the one who sends the tennis balls to Hal. The balls are the immediate match to conflict. I wonder if they’re including this line in the film. I wonder how it’s going to play. I wonder if there’s going to be a Team Hal vs Team Dauphin. As if anyone would be on Team Dauphin. 

Joanna just messaged me to tell me that TIFF has just released the full celebrity guest list for who’s coming to the festival. “Leave me alone I’m watching The King” is how I responded. The King is not coming to Toronto. She said that’ll be my go-to excuse for the next three months. She’s not wrong. I’m going to watch a medieval historical drama as many times as I watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before. 

Art is educational!


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