A couple of months ago, when all that Armie Hammer f-cksh-t was breaking, there was a collective screech on Twitter over the news that Luca Guadagnino, who directed Armie and Timothee Chalamet in Call Me By Your Name, would once again work with Timmy and Taylor Russell on the film adaptation of Camille DeAngelis’s novel Bones & All which is a book about a girl who, um, eats anyone who shows her affection. The universe is a troll, non? 


Bones & All is actually a coming-of-age story, an identity story, as many if not most coming-of-age stories are. It’s definitely horror but it’s horror YA, and ultimately, as noted in its publisher description, this is meant to be a “tale that is at once a gorgeously written horror story as well as a mesmerising meditation of female power and sexuality”. The cannibalism, then, is metaphor. Pretty sure the author never meant to be all “let’s glamourise eating people!” but, you know, given that nuance seems to be on life support, that’s probably how some will interpret it. I’m curious to see how Luca Guadagnino interprets it. Production is apparently now underway. 


Anyway, here’s Timothee out in New York yesterday for a walk, perhaps not expected on set. As you can see, he’s wearing two-tone joggers: light blue on one side, navy on the other. Are you into it? I might be more into it if it was a different colour combination. Like… pink and brown. And then a matching pink hoodie. All over it. Or even different shades of pink. Sasha would say brown since she’s all about neutrals. I could go with orange too. And green. Mint on one side, forest on the other. With mint as the hoodie. 

Does a set like this exist yet? If not, can I partner with an athleisure line to make this happen?