Before we get back to Gotham Awards madness, let’s take a brief break for the Wonka photocall yesterday in London. The actual premiere is today, which is why, I assume, everyone saved their best looks for later. Even Timothee Chalamet, a reliable red carpet star, dressed relatively down, by his own standard, in a pin stripe suit and boots. The suit has a little flair in the hem, but otherwise, this is about as lowkey as Chalamet gets at events. Still, the hair is exceptional, and Hugh Grant looks like he’s enjoying himself in Timmy’s company, which might bode well for Wonka. (I am putting off watching this movie for as long as possible!)


With the exception of Timmy and his co-stars Olivia Colman, in dark green, and Calah Lane, in hot pink, everyone else looks like they just stepped off the tube and onto the red carpet. Hugh Grant, Matt Lucas, Keegan-Michael Key, and Sally Hawkins look like they’re wearing clothes right out of their closets, which is fine, but again, I get the feeling the real effort was saved for the premiere. Meanwhile, Rowan Atkinson and director Paul King made some effort with casual suits. After the casualness of this photocall, though, I am expecting some real effort at the premiere. If we must have Wonka, we can at least have some good fashion with it, as a treat.