David O. Russell’s new movie, Amsterdam, held its premiere last night in Los Angeles. Timothy Olyphant showed up looking like the cool teacher at the prep school. David O. Russell is on my no-fly list, but I will observe all these new photos of Timothy Olyphant, because he is rarely photographed, even though he is working a lot right now, and consistently with high-profile filmmakers, he still flies below the radar. So let’s enjoy this rare appearance of Timothy Olyphant in the wild, looking like the teacher who definitely smokes the pot he confiscates from students.


Lainey called this “quite an outfit”, but those of us who perceive L’Olyphant know this is a standard look for him. It’s also not unusual he shows up California casual to a red carpet in which other people are wearing suits and dresses. I am convinced Timothy Olyphant does not give a sh-t about this part of his job. He literally wore the clothes off his floor, and that scarf is the one nod to making this an “outfit” and not just “what I wore to get groceries earlier in the day”. 

As for the hat, he’s a hat guy. He’s worn this hat on Conan before, even. Because of Deadwood and Justified hats are a big part of the Timothy Olyphant mystique. In fact, it’s one of my many questions about the upcoming Justified revival series, City Primeval. Will Raylan still be wearing that hat he took off Boone in the finale episode? Or will he have a new hat for his Detroit era?