Today is the one year anniversary of the World Health Organization officially declaring COVID a pandemic. Which means it’s been a year since life for most of changed and still hasn’t really changed back. Many of us are still working from home. Many of us are still not seeing our family and friends. Much of the conversation today online and perhaps in our personal circles has been a reflection on what the year has been. 


And since what we do here is celebrity gossip, well, there happens to be a gossip anniversary to observe today. A bittersweet gossip anniversary because the subject of this gossip anniversary is no more. That would be Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, aka BenAna. A year ago today is when this happened: 

Ben and Ana were already a thing by the time these pap shots came out because they met while shooting Deep Water together months before but these shots on the beach is when they really became a headline. And it was a sign of what was to come. They went back to LA and were inseparable. They walked the dog and went for coffee a lot. They were there for us! And now, they are no more. At least at the moment. When their breakup was reported at the beginning of January, there seemed like there was a possibility for a sequel. Can you believe that was two months ago? Where is the time going? 

Anyway, to BenAna and a would-be anniversary.