Tom Brady and Irina Shayk were papped a couple of weeks ago when they hooked up for a weekend sleepover at his place in LA. Doesn’t seem like it was a one-time thing because according to Page Six, they were also recently seen having dinner together in New York on July 28. An eyewitness tells Page Six that Tom arrived first at a sushi restaurant and was escorted to a private dining area. Irina arrived later and was also taken to the same private room. 


Irina is based in New York but while Tom and Gisele Bundchen shared property there when they were married, he’s not known to be there as often as he is in Florida or California. It’s obviously possible that he had other business in the city but it’s also convenient that his situationship is there and they’re clearly both interested in extending it. 

For their dinner, Tom was seen “dressed very casually, like in a t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers” while Irina was “much more formal and elegant, like [it was] a date kind of situation.”

I like clothing details as much as the next person but the way this was shared, it reads like because of the difference in what she wore, maybe she was treating it more seriously than he was which… I mean in these times, that’s basically just how straight couples look when they go out. 


You know who’s a good example of this? Bennifer. Also Justin and Hailey Bieber. She’s often dressed “formally” and he shows up in shorts and a baseball cap. The Biebers were out last night for dinner and it was the most “dressed up” I’ve seen him in a long time – and it’s still pretty casual. Check them out, coordinated in red, and he’s not wearing sneakers, but the baseball hat definitely swings it into more casual fashion territory than her.