This probably isn’t a surprise. As IF Tom Cruise would take time away from filming. Tom Cruise, as we know, is happiest on a film set. It’s work and home for him. And he continued working on Mission: Impossible 7 this weekend in Italy with production now moved to Rome, where he was seen on a motorbike and he seemed happy doing his high speed sh-t, ever the daredevil. 


In all the set photos of him recently, in Venice previously and now in Rome, he and co-star Hayley Atwell have been wearing the same outfit. Presumably it’s the same scene? Or are they reshooting certain scenes that they’d already shot in Venice? Production supposedly had to stop down for a few days in Venice because there was rumoured to be a COVID situation, and that’s on top of the delay they already experienced earlier this year when lockdown happened in many parts of the world. So in addition to Tom’s work ethic (obsession), they really do need make up some time, although it remains to be seen when we’ll be safely back in theatres. I know the vaccines are all anyone can talk about but the rollout is the next question. 

As you can see, in some of these shots, Tom is wearing two masks. A blue medical mask and then a black cloth mask on top. I’m not mad at those precautions. I’m not mad that Tom Cruise, who does all his own stunts, is extra vigilant about COVID and is clearly not an anti-masker.