It has been a minute since Tom Cruise has been in a relationship, at least that we know of. There was a time when Tom loved very, very publicly. 


Through most of his fame, that’s how it was always was: Tom loved out in the open. Until, of course, Katie Holmes ninjaed her way out of their marriage, allegedly with the help of secret lawyers and burner phones. And then any conversation about Tom and love became weird and culty, as stories that used to be shared in whispers came to surface in legit magazines like Vanity Fair, all about girlfriend auditions and Scientology initiations… 

Romance + Tom Cruise, culturally, is now viewed with suspicion, at least among gossips who know. 


So this is the most romance we’ve gotten about Tom in years. According to the Daily Mail Tom showed up at an event on Saturday in London, where he is mostly based now, with a Russian socialite called Elsina Khayrova. Apparently most people at the event were Russian and some of them went running to the British tabloids to share that Tom and Elsina arrived together and danced the night away. How many times do we think Tom Cruise has seen Barbie? I’ll say at least three, and that he knows all the choreo from the dance sequences. 

Anyway, Elsina is somewhere in her 30s (there are conflicting reports about her age) and is coming out of a messy divorce from billionire Dmitry Tsvetkov which is totally the name of a villain in a Mission: Impossible movie. Dmitry has accused Elsina of hiding assets so here’s what we’re dealing with:

Tom Cruise may or may not be dating a younger, very, very wealthy woman who’s been fighting in divorce court with her very powerful billionaire ex and she might have cash stashed away somewhere and… well… not that this has anything to do with it but do you know a church that might know where to hide it? 


This IS a Mission: Impossible movie! 

Just with more dancing. Unfortunately for us, the dancing went away with the romance where Tom is concerned. Maybe now that Elsina is in the picture, the dancing might come back. 


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