Tom Hiddleston was photographed today in London with his dog and a coffee mug. I see this in my neighbourhood too, in the mornings, when people are out with their dogs and they take their coffee with them, and I’m always jealous. Not that I drink coffee but I do drink a Chinese medicinal tea that my ma makes me in the mornings and I couldn’t go out on the street with my dogs and an open cup. My dogs wouldn’t cooperate. I need two free hands with those punks at all times. Suddenly one will lunge at a squirrel. Or find something stank in a bush and lunge for that. And then the drink will spill, or the mug will go flying, so for those of you, like Tom, who are lucky enough to not have to worry about that on your dog walks, congratulations. You have raised decent canines and I have not. 


It’s been a good year for Tom so far, non? Loki has been a big success for Marvel and Disney+, definitely the class of all Marvel’s television series to this point. And to the point where Loki terminology is part of the cultural terminology. We talk now in terms of variants and timelines and He Who Remains. And they managed to pull off a big reveal at the very, very, very end of the final episode. 

Kevin Feige said recently that they’re in development for season two, although Kate Herron will not be returning to direct. There’s no fixed timeline (haha) for a release though and if they’re still writing it, 2022 seems ambitious. Probably 2023 is a more realistic expectation. Tom, meanwhile, will be promoting another project before Loki 2. He just wrapped on a series called The Essex Serpent with Claire Danes for Apple that should be premiering either this year or early next. It’s a period piece. And it’s set by the sea. So you’ll see a windswept Tom being Victorian and horny before you see him back as Loki.