Tom Hiddleston was making headlines a few days ago when it was announced that there would be a new Loki standalone live-action series on Disney’s new streaming service, Disney+. So, somehow, yet again, Loki sticks around, is a metaphor for Tom somehow, yet again, sticking around as Loki. As if he would say no. I wouldn’t say no, definitely not to the money. There’s money in this for sure. And an even bigger profile. Loki, after all, is always hanging out in other people’s movies. And now, finally, Tom gets to be the main event. He’s pretty much the opposite of Chris Evans, who can’t wait to stop being Captain America. Tom would play Loki in Pirates of the Caribbean if you asked him to, even if it makes no sense. 

Anyway, here’s Tom in London today out for a walk with his dog. This is the first time we’ve done a dedicated Tom Hiddleston post since May. At the time, I didn’t know what the dog was called. Apparently Bobby? Tom, like Henry Cavill, is wearing his hair longer these days. Look at the back of it, blowing in the wind. It’s ponytail length. A short one. Maybe a man-bun. This is not a request. I never want to see Tom Hiddleston with a man-bun. 

In the previous post about Henry Cavill, I mentioned the “Bradley Cooper Hangover” hairstyle. Tom’s is a slightly longer version of the “Bradley Cooper Hangover” hairstyle. I think what we’re learning here is that not everyone can work the “Bradley Cooper Hangover” hairstyle. Here’s Tom at the BAFTA Breakthrough Brits reception last week:


This has to be for a movie, right? Is it for Loki? I thought Loki was a wig. I now look forward to reading several essays about Loki’s hair sent in by all you Loki nerds.