The teaser for Weird: The Al Yankovic Story is here, and it is mostly Daniel Radcliffe singing “Like A Surgeon” and shots of DanRad as Weird Al doing things like performing on stage and celebrating with his friends, and every shot is perfect. DanRad looks GREAT, and I’m not just talking about his pocket rocket bod—didn’t we already know he’s secretly buff from that time he got naked on Broadway?—but the smile and the HAIR and the accordion, it’s all golden. And! Bonus! This teaser reveals Rainn Wilson is starring as Dr. Demento, the radio DJ who specializes in novelty music who launched Weird Al’s career in the 1970s. That is perfect casting, as is getting Renowned Character Actors Toby Huss and Julianne Nicholson to play Weird Al’s parents, Nick and Mary. The “Roku Channel”, which I still don’t believe is a real thing, is not cheaping out on talent for this movie. 


I was already hyped for Weird because I love Weird Al so much, and Daniel Radcliffe is a secret comedy king, but the tone and energy of this teaser is hitting all the right buttons. On the one hand, it's showing stereotypical music biopic moments like getting/hearing your first song with your friends and standing up to record execs, on the other hand, it ends with a door bit. They’re so simple and easy, but a well-executed door bit is comedy gold every time—there’s a reason the very first sketch of I Think You Should Leave is a door bit. Door bits are like tacos or spaghetti and meatballs: a basic staple, but an excellent barometer of quality. What sells this door bit is DanRad’s grunt, it’s just the right pitch of implied effort. I know he’s the titular star of a major fantasy franchise and he will always be Harry Potter, but I swear, in the end, we’re going to remember this guy for his comedy more than anything.