Maverick: Legend of the Skies (aka Top Gun: Maverick, the lesser title) had a spot during the Super Bowl that shows off heavy breathing and everyone being Out To Get Maverick (Legend of the Skies). We see more of that amazing flight footage while getting voice-over from Miles Teller as Gosling (that is not his name or call sign in the movie BUT IT SHOULD BE) saying he will not believe in Maverick (legend of the skies), and there is Jon Hamm threatening to have him court-martialed, and other dialogue about how people think Maverick (Legend of the Skies) is a total piece of sh-t now. I need to re-watch Top Gun because I don’t remember everyone hating Maverick (Legend of the Skies). He was a cocky little sh-t, but he still functioned within the military industrial complex. Maybe he got a lot worse in the last thirty years? Maybe now that everything is shifting to drones, they resent the power of Maverick’s human flight? I hope the movie explains why everyone is out to get Maverick (Legend of the Skies). 

You know when you’re watching a movie or TV show and it depicts your job, and they say or do something so stupid and wrong that you know no one actually working in the profession would ever do or say? Well, I asked my fighter pilot friend what is the stupidest thing Top Gun 2 could do or say about flying, because I 100% expect Top Gun 2 to include some truly dumb dialogue about how cool and awesome flying is (it IS, but also don’t forget this is pure recruitment propaganda). His response was a treatise about how “humans don’t have an instinct for flight” and “no one is born a good pilot” and “we all have to learn the same things”. This is actually close to what I think will happen in this movie, which is that Maverick (Legend of the Skies) will tell all the youngsters to fly with their power of their hearts or some equivalent word salad. Maybe that’s why everyone is against him now. He claimed to be a natural-born pilot and a roomful of people who would know better turned on him.