There wasn’t really an official red carpet at the Emmys. And you know, for all the moaning about the whole red carpet tediousness that we’ve heard from celebrities in the past, they probably missed it more than we do now that it’s not an available source of self-promotion for them. Without the red carpet, there’s so much more work to do on their own. Getting ready for an event? They know how to do that. Be interesting virtually? This is not a skill they all have. 


You know who does have it though? 

Tracee Ellis Ross. 

No carpet? No problem. She had one on standby. And a new accent. What is this? Her take on Moira Rose?


I f-cking love her so much. And I LOVE her look. This is not quarantine fashion. This is not an outfit modified for COVID. If there ever was a f-ck you, COVID dress, hers would be it. And I believe it would have been the same no matter what version of the Emmys we were getting last night. 

Obviously Tracee’s choice was made because she was invited to present at Staples Center, but then again, she would have been a presenter even if the show went on per usual anyway. So this dress was inevitable. And it is magnificent. The fit is perfect. The tiers are perfect. The way it moves is perfect. It seems light, without being insubstantial. She could float, but the dress wouldn’t fall apart. But most of all, she loves it, she loves herself in it, and that’s the extra sauce that makes a look a win.