Kristen Stewart has a long history with the Sundance Film Festival, which they’re recognizing by giving her the Visionary Award on opening night in January. She has two films in the fest, Love Me with Steven Yeun, and Love Lies Bleeding, which will premiere in the Midnight Madness lineup. A trailer for Love Lies Bleeding dropped this week, and after watching it I literally said out loud, Yes! THAT is how you edit a trailer!


Love Lies Bleeding comes from Saint Maud filmmaker Rose Glass (if you haven’t seen Saint Maud, do yourself the favor of watching it), and it stars KStew and Katy O’Brian as young lovers on the run from the FBI and Ed Harris, who plays the father of Stewart’s character. It looks WILD, colorful, and thrilling and mysterious. 

O’Brian’s character is a bodybuilder whose body seems to Hulk out. What is that about?! And Stewart is giving Joan Jett vibes, once again rocking a jet-black mullet as she did in The Runaways

The film co-stars Dave Franco, virtually unrecognizable in super sleaze mode, Jenna Malone, and Anna Baryshnikov (daughter of Mikhail). I cannot WAIT to see this. I know Lainey is stoked for Love Me because Steven Yeun is a champion romantic looker, but Love Lies Bleeding looks cool as hell. 


Kristen Stewart is coming to Sundance to serve romance two ways, yearning and crime laden. Let’s have both, as a treat.