Dear Gossips, 

Last Friday morning, my colleague Esther breezed into our ETALK morning meeting, big smile on her face. “He has reclaimed his throne! Everything that’s happened over the last year? Forgotten! El Conejo Malo came back to trap!” 


Bad Bunny had just dropped his new album, 'Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va A Pasar Mañana, hours earlier overnight. And in Esther’s hand was a stack of papers – she’d translated some of her favourite lyrics for the team. I hadn’t yet listened to the album yet so I didn’t want to read them. Part of the fun for me, over the weekend and the last few days on my commute, has been to groove with the sound first and then hit Genius to find out what he’s saying. It’s like a second surprise, after the first hit when you’re just getting a sense of the how the music feels. And then you follow with the discovery of its meaning. Sometimes Benito is angry. Sometimes he’s bragging. Sometimes he’s bragging and horny. He is often horny. That was what I found out after I heard “BATICANO” and then pulled up the lyrics to learn that on the third verse he’s rapping about ass play. Actually, no, it’s both ass and pussy play with a dash of Teletubbies, LOLOLOLOL. 

“The night has gotten kinky
Three fingers in the pussy, pinky in the ass
The violet buns like Tinky Winky
A buttock and I leave it like Po, hey
I do her where she pees and where she poops”


Um, yes please. Have you seen him? 

Here’s Bad Bunny last night in New York, after the traditional host dinner with the SNL cast. He is both host and musical guest on this week’s episode. He got Al Pacino to make an appearance in his video for “MONACO”. I wonder who’ll show up for him, if anyone, on Saturday. And if you’re wondering about Kendall Jenner, as of yesterday she was in LA. But I can totally see her showing up for the after-party. 


Yours in gossip,