Dear Gossips, 

The Taylor Swift rom-com is on hiatus. There was no new episode this weekend, Taylor did not attend the Kansas City road game in Denver yesterday, reportedly because she’s back in tour mode. On Friday Taylor was in New York, having dinner with Jack Antonoff and Margaret Qualley, perhaps celebrating the massive success of 1989 (Taylor’s Version)


The record she broke was her own, for her Midnights album that was released last year. With a rerecorded album of a previous album that is nine years old. 


To go back to the original point, Taylor wasn’t there to watch Travis Kelce at work because, apparently, her work comes first. Unless, of course, she shows up when KC is back at home next weekend. 

Without Taylor, though, Travis didn’t play well. In fact, they’re saying he “underperformed” in KC’s loss against the Broncos. And some football people are criticising him for going to the World Series on Friday in Texas and not focusing on his job. To be fair, Patrick Mahomes had the flu and it wasn’t his greatest game either. Still, even a KC loss adds to the Taylor Swift legend right now – because not only has she stomped on the “girlfriends are a hex” trope, the narrative now is that the player and the team are better when she’s around. No one and nothing in sports can match the winning streak Taylor has going right now. 


In other Taylor and Travis news though, while they didn’t give us a new episode, there is still content – because while he was at the World Series game the other day, Travis was seen dancing to “Shake it Off” and eagle-eyed Swifties clocked that the lock screen on his phone might be a picture of Taylor: 


But also, you know Swifties. They have signed off their approval of Travis – and if there was anything shady to dig up, they would have done it by now. His publicist, on the other hand, well some of them were on her this weekend because she reposted a birthday wish from a friend who slapped a clown emoji over Taylor’s face. 

I’m sure you can imagine how it’s going for her now. 

Yours in gossip,