Now that Taylor Swift has wrapped up all the shows on her The Eras tour for 2023, she’s back in the US and reportedly went straight to see Travis Kelce in Kansas City. Before we get into her personal life, though, let’s talk business. She’s just been named Spotify’s Global Top Artist, which means she was the most streamed artist on the platform in 2023. 


As I have always said, Taylor loves a trophy, and she loves a record. If she was a wrestler, she’d be swaggering into the ring wearing all her belts – which is why I keep mentioning that it’s probably a turn-on for her, that her boyfriend also has a lot of hardware: two Super Bowl rings, and all kinds of NFL-leading stats. 


Taylor’s not the only one doing business though. There’s also Donna Kelce, aka Mama Kelce, who’s heading off on a cruise today through a brand partnership. As part of the deal, she posted a video of her accommodations on the boat to Instagram. 


Per my post about Donna last week, let Mama Kelce get her bag, no complaints here. My point is just to say that… the Kelces aren’t minding the attention. Or the benefits of that attention. Note also the song that’s playing in the background – it’s Taylor’s song, “The 1”. And influencers have to be careful with copyrighted material when they’re doing paid posts. Obviously, this is not a problem for Mama Kelce; Taylor’s definitely not coming at her with a copyright violation, ha.  

Now back to our regularly scheduled rom-com. While we haven’t had any visual updates for a couple of weeks, and certainly haven’t experienced a squealy high to match the running kiss, I’m not mad at this plateau. Like, if we’re going with the episodic television analogy, we were burning through romantic stages real fast leading up to that kiss. Pacing, people! We need to pace! Let’s slow this down, let’s not blow our load too quickly. We’re not watching a porno here, we’re watching a Chinese or Korean drama, where the romantic leads don’t so much as hold hands until welllllll past the halfway mark of the series. Up to that point it’s lingering and longing, searching gazes, a lot of staring at lips and looking away. In this case, savouring the foreplay is much more fun. And that’s what Taylor and Travis are giving us right now. They’re bringing it all back to PG-13. With nicknames!


Here’s how he referred to her during the most recent episode of his New Heights podcast. 


It’s not just Swifties swooning over the “thanks, Tay!” Kathleen texted me (this is basically the only thing she’s been texting me about now for several weeks) about this with the “smiling while holding back tears” emoji. Three of them, actually. Because these are the crumbs that are satisfying her sweet valley high school heart. And mine, too. 

I’ll take a “thanks, Tay!” this week to keep the rom-com moving, keep the fires burning, but not too hot and not too fast. TNT is not red-band, OK? Rom-coms, by their very nature, are NOT red-band. There’s more than enough time for our rom-com to get lusty … eventually. For now, we just want it to simmer along nicely and not dry out. 

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