*This is your official spoiler alert. There WILL be heavy plot reveals throughout so keep that in mind before reading this post!*

Mondays have become even more grueling than normal because I experience, what I call, a Euphoria hangover. 


After waiting a week for the episodes to drop, by the time it’s Sunday, I’m already upset because I know I’m gonna hit my lowest low when the end credits roll. The show gives me SEROTONIN that is almost unbearable at times (for context, it takes me an extra 30 minutes to get through a new episode because I frequently pause it to scream/cackle/improvise with the characters as if I’m a cast member). 

Am I being dramatic, possibly to the point that it’s annoying? Yes. Am I the only one with such a deep love for the show? Absolutely not (but everybody knows that). 

The nice thing about Twitter is that I find people who feel the same way and have been able to keep the Euphoria vibes going in the most hilarious, well-thought-out content during and after every episode. It’s become a part of the show’s culture, and even Angus Cloud, who plays Fez, joined in on the fun:

Between Cal’s backstory, new possible love interests, clown behaviour from MULTIPLE characters, and more, I knew my Twitter timeline was going to be goooooood. So without further ado, here are my favourite tweets broken down for the episode “Ruminations: Big and Little Bullys” (sic). 

Cal’s Villain Origin Story

Rue, Jules and…Elliot?


…but then we saw *THAT* Rue and Jules Scene

Rue’s Messy Behaviour Escalates 

Cassie’s One-sided Relationship With Nate (is she not embarrassed????)


Fez, Faye, and Ashtray: A Comedic Trio

Lexi The Main Character


…but where were Lexi and Fez??

Now all we can do is get through another long week for the next batch of golden Euphoria Twitter content. Until then, in the words of Angus…

Attached - Hunter Schafer leaving Delilah in Hollywood last night.