You know who is almost as outside as Zendaya? Anne Hathaway! We have seen more of Annie over the last year or so than we did since before the pandemic. 


Here is Annie outside in Atlanta, shooting a new movie from David Robert Mitchell, the filmmaker behind It Follows and Under the Silver Lake. The film is maybe called Flowervale Street, also maybe called Neighbors according to the agency, it’s billed as a mystery, and it co-stars Ewan McGregor. Mitchell is not a household name, but he’s made three films in ten years and two of them have been very distinctive and attracted devoted fan bases, so he’s definitely worth paying attention to.


I love this for Anne Hathway, especially after everyone eye-rolled her for a decade solid because she’s a cornball theater kid. Much like Keanu Reeves, though, the culture eventually caught up to her earnestness, and now it’s cool to be sincere AND she’s outside feeling herself, sexier than ever, unapologetically dorky and somehow, only hotter for it. Also, I read The Idea of You while on a minibreak recently, and I can EASILY see Annie as Solene. If anything, that pouty boy better keep up! Annie is outside and she waits for no one!