Us Weekly reports exclusively that after over a year of dating, Channing Tatum and Jessie J are done. According to their source, the split is amicable and they’re still good friends. 

If this is true, because Us Weekly is not what it used to be and they don’t have the contacts that they once did, I’m surprised – are you? Channing and Jessie spent a lot of time together. He was with her on tour. He was with her in London. He was with her in London with his daughter. So, you know, you typically don’t get the kids involved if it’s not serious. 

Us is saying that Chan and Jessie broke up about a month ago. And it was around a month ago that Channing asked the court to set a custody schedule with Jenna Dewan to co-parent their daughter which she didn’t seem to appreciate and it would appear that the situation could get ugly. Which, of course, is not exactly the ideal condition to be moving forward with a relationship that could be part long distance. 

So does this mean it’s over for good between Chan and Jessie? If Us Weekly is accurate on this, their source is saying that the two remain close. Remaining close leaves open the possibility of a reconciliation once Chan and Jenna sort their sh-t out. Or…Jennifer Aniston? They look cute together, don’t you think? Gossip Genie this with me!