Can I just say that I am very much enjoying Andrew Garfield this awards season? It’s his second time around as a Best Actor nominee (following his 2017 nomination for Hacksaw Ridge), and he seems to understand he’s not a frontrunner, so all the pressure is off and he’s just enjoying himself this time around. And that attitude is showing on his face because he looks GREAT. Here he is, going to a tick, tick…BOOM! event at the 92nd Street Y yesterday, rocking a black suit and really great hair.


He is also being an utter delight on the interview circuit, now that he can actually talk about returning to Spider-Man in No Way Home. As always, Graham Norton comes through with the best interviews, and on his show Garfield talked about sneaking into see No Way Home with Tobey Maguire, and was just, in general, super charming. He always has been, but there’s a special sauce to being an Oscar nominee and pretty well knowing you’re not going to win, so you can just enjoy the merry-go-round and not stress about everything. It ratchets up the charm a few degrees. 

PS: Tom Holland revealed one of the Spiders-Men wore a fake ass in their suit for No Way Home. Who’s your money on, Tobey Maguire or Andrew Garfield? I’m betting on Tobey.