Grateful for Uzo Aduba because up until yesterday, no outfit was all that special to me all week. But here she is coming through last night at the Orange is the New Black premiere. What a great shade of green. And it looks different under different light. Sometimes it’s bright. Sometimes it’s deep and rich, sometimes it’s several shades at the same time.

This is a tricky material, not typical of any outfits I prefer because of the sheen, because of the way it can take the light. What makes the difference here is fit and pleats – the fit is PERFECT through the chest and at the waist leaving no opportunity for the lighting to create weird shapes and angles. As for the pleats, I’m OBSESSED with the pleated skirt + sleeves combination. 

At first I thought the sleeves were part of a cape. They’re actually not, but they’re cut to fall along her body to give the illusion of a billowing cape behind her. Gorgeous, right? More dresses should have pleated sleeves. All we should see this fall is pleated sleeves everywhere. 

And I want to shout out another Uzo outfit from a few weeks ago around the time of the Tonys: 


This is a solid pants and jacket combination. You’d think it wouldn’t be right, proportionally, to have the cropped pants paired with a longer jacket but it works, it works beautifully, I really want to try.