Dear Gossips, 

Has Emma Watson retired from acting? She’s trending on my timeline this morning because of a vague-ish report in the Daily Mail from a few days ago that seems to be just picking up now. The Mail quotes her agent who says that her career is “dormant” and then later quotes her publicist who once again uses the word “dormant” and goes further to explain that she “is not taking on new commitments”. There are also rumours, unconfirmed, that she’s engaged to Leo Robinton and that they spent several months living together in Ibiza before returning to LA, where he is based, in January. They were on holiday in Mexico in early February. 


So…did both the agent and the publicist speak to the Daily Mail and call her career “dormant”? Or is this one person, and the Daily Mail is conflating their job title, interchanging the words “agent” and “publicist”? Her agent at CAA is listed as Kevin Huvane, the managing partner at CAA. He is no joke. His client list includes Jennifer Aniston and Sandra Bullock and Brad Pitt and those are just the three names I picked out among So Many Other Big Name Stars. Is Kevin Huvane talking to the Daily Mail randomly about Emma Watson’s career?! Seriously? Or would it be her publicist? Emma’s PR agency is UK based. And a UK firm would know very well what talking to a reporter for the Daily Mail means. Why would her publicist then give that kind of information to the Daily Mail? 

It’s not that I don’t believe that Emma might be done with acting – she doesn’t need the money – after spending so much of her childhood and adolescence on set, she might want to move into a completely different career, or not really have a career at all. And how refreshing, to walk away from fame, and not be thirsty for the spotlight. I’m just not sure about the reporting. None of this seems all that clear. 

Yours in gossip,