As we learned last week, after nine years together, Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler have split, and the news broke the same day of the Bad Boys For Life premiere. Convenient. Because that night, Vanessa showed up on the red carpet in an over-the-top white dress, as if she was declaring her solo status with a wedding dress – she’s marrying herself, very Carrie Bradshaw. There would be no narrative that she’s single and sad. She clearly didn’t want to hide. And she’s still not hiding. 

Earlier this week in New York, Vanessa was seen at dinner with LA Laker Kyle Kuzma. They look flirty, they look like they’re having a great time. Last night she went to see him play – and it’s not like she wouldn’t have known that TMZ reported on their date. So while we don’t know yet if it’s something serious, she does seem to be encouraging us to think that there is something. 

This, then, is becoming a post-breakup game plan, right? She’s moved on. She is moving on. Kyle is 24 years old. He is HOT. He is fun. It’s exactly the right recipe for when you get out of an almost decade-long relationship and…well… it’s not summer but it happens to be summertime right now in your life. A professional athlete is perfect for that time in your life. No shame. No need to apologise. No need to explain. Who can’t relate to this?