Here are all the pretty Thors and other assorted beautiful people at the world premiere of Thor: Love and Thunder last night. This is the first time Natalie Portman looks like she’s genuinely enjoying herself at a Marvel premiere, which might be because she isn’t playing an ornament this time. Also enjoying herself, Tessa Thompson in the night’s best dress, a custom Armani number meant to look like sword:


Mission accomplished, Valkyrie can stab me any time. Chris Hemsworth was there, of course, with most of his family in tow (not pictured: Liam), and Worst Chris showed up, too. And Christian Bale finally put in some face time for this film, though I bet not having to do a lot of promotion was part of his deal, as he has been largely absent in the run-up to the press tour. Also, there is Taika Waititi doing a contemporary take on a 1940s gangster suit in pinstripes and mustache. He’s...really committed to that mustache. And! There is Kat Dennings with her fiancée, Andrew W.K., whom I did not recognize with that lustrous blow out. Forget matching outfits, the new red carpet couple trend is matching hairdos. At the very least, we know the next couple weeks will provide plenty of eye candy as the handsomest cast in town trots around the globe for the movie not named Th4r. (Last time I’ll make that joke, I promise.)


Bonus: here is Natalie Portman earlier in the day, heading into Jimmy Kimmel Live! in a short black dress and coming out in a short sparkly dress. With the slicked-back hair and dramatic eye makeup, it’s giving Vox Lux vibes.