Did you know that they were called “pantaboots”? I must have missed this entry into the style dictionary because I only realised it today from reading this post at Vogue about Victoria Beckham’s pantaboots which are exactly what she’s wearing: boots pants. 


Here’s Victoria in Paris stepping out in her own clothes – a pale purple blazer over what looked to me at first like a pair of tights. And in my mind I was like, that’s a great pair of tights, I’d be too hot to wear them this time of year since, at least where I live, it’s hot as f-ck with the humidex but, whatever, it’s not like we don’t know this about Victoria: she will suffer for a look.

Turns out though, upon closer inspection, they’re not tights, they’re pantaboots from her own line which don’t seem to be available yet on the website and when they are available they will probably sell fast since she’s out here modelling them and driving up interest and Vogue is all over it too. The British tabloids are always trying to make it sound like Victoria’s business isn’t doing well and I’m sure she’s carrying some debt but that doesn’t mean there isn’t interest in the clothes. 


Right now there are very few sizes in almost all the shoe styles on her website and I say this from experience – I own exactly one item of clothing by Victoria Beckham (a pair of gorgeous yellow boots) and they were impossible to find in my size, including on her website because they went so fast. People are out there are buying her sh-t. Makes me wonder whether or not the reporting by the British tabloids about her business is kinda like the reporting about her marriage.