My friend and colleague Tyrone Edwards sent this reel over to me this morning and the original point that this reel is trying to make is about Drake and Kris Jenner because of all the rumours that they f-cked. These rumours, by the way, were started by Kanye. 


So when the internet saw this footage of Drake and Kris greeting each other at the CFDAs the other night…well…

They’re out here analysing every second of this hug and trying to get all the angles they can find. Meanwhile, I’m blowing right past Drake and Kris and zeroing in on the background because do you see what I see? 


That’s Gigi Hadid. Talking to Trevor Noah. And my Video Assumption (our favourite game of baseless conclusions by studying body language) says that Trevor is dropping moves! Trevor is making his case! It’s a very good case! 

I know that’s a lot of exclamation points but that’s how much energy I have for this potential gossip, something I am for sure asking the Gossip Genie to deliver: please let my Video Assumption be real, please let it be real that Trevor is letting Gigi know that she has OPTIONS. That one of those OPTIONS is HIM. Please let it be real that Trevor is challenging Leonardo DiCaprio for Gigi’s attention. 

Please let Gigi respond the way she should be responding…

As in, oh hi Trevor Noah, you are so smart and interesting and funny and HOT, I should totally be with you over Leo. Let’s do this. 

And THAT is how you make a power couple. I’m not sure we deserve this power couple, but I really, really, really want it.