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Not going to spend too much time on Kanye West because that’s one of the many problems – he sucks up so much oxygen with his dangerous and irresponsible stunts and too many people in the fashion industry enable him. Gigi Hadid and a few others did call him out for his harassment of Vogue contributing editor Gabriella Karefa-Johnson and now Kanye claims that the situation has been resolved. But on that note, as etalk anchor Tyrone Edwards illuminated during our morning meeting today, is it not enough that the Black community spoke out against him immediately? He virtually attacked a Black woman, exposing her to violent consequences, but the only criticism Ye seems to respond to is non-Black. This is harmful and it upholds white supremacy. 


As for Gabriella, she just posted an update on Instagram stories this morning: 

Gabriella Karefa-Johnson's Instagram story

Gabriella was recently named to the Business of Fashion 500, Paris Fashion Week was supposed to be a celebratory time for her as she has worked hard to create a space for herself among fashion industry tastemakers. Voices like Gabriella’s are crucial to an industry that for far too long excluded Black women from these roles. She has work to do, and this bullsh-t is keeping her from that work. Good to know that she seems to be OK and can redirect her attention back to what matters to her. Another reminder that one of the ways racism damages and destroys is that it’s a distraction. It wastes people’s time! 

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