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This Wagatha Christie trial though…

Coleen Rooney and Rebekah Vardy are in court this week because Rebekah is suing Coleen for libel. Legal experts say that both will spend up to a million pounds in legal fees but that if there are any damages awarded it will just be a fraction of their expenses so, obviously, it’s not about the money. It’s much more than money. It’s about reputation and status and ego and, yes, it’s 100% about social media, because that’s where it started, and now…we’re here?! This is f-cking WILD to me, and probably so many other people too since I’m not the only one interested in the situation. The Athletic even did a piece on it. 


If you’re not familiar with the trial background, BBC has your primer here. In short, Coleen and Rebekah used to be friends, but Coleen was seeing her business put on blast in the Sun over and over again so in October 2019, she decided to set a trap on Instagram, posting some real and some fake news about herself on her stories but making it so that only Rebekah could see them. Sure enough, the details she’d been planting on IG were getting out in the tabloids… and then she made her big reveal: 


Rebekah denies it was her. And some other crazy sh-t has happened since like her agent dropping her phone into the ocean just days after they asked to have it submitted to forensics. As Emma Garland wrote in The Guardian this morning, it’s like a “period drama with balayage and Botox”, LOL.

But of course it’s “Wagatha Christie” itself that remains the best internet phrase to emerge from the situation and for that we credit Phoebe Roberts. 

I wish I had thought of it. 

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