Dear Gossips,

I’m on standby. I got the email yesterday about the IVY PARK prelaunch. I downloaded the app. I left the notifications turned on…and I never leave notifications turned on. But I’m waiting for the push, even though it says very clearly that there’s no guaranteed access. Just… after all these years…she’s trained us to be ready, you know? Ready at any time for a surprise album drop, whatever it is that she’s up to next because she’s a genius, she expects that we’ll be ready for her blessings. Fully prepared when she finally rings the alarm. 

Which is what Sasha, Duana, Kathleen and I were doing at several points in the day yesterday over text, strategising on how we’d get our gear. I believe Kathleen’s exact words were: “What’s our IVY PARK plan? I am ready to spend all my money.”

Kathleen sees this as a personal gift, that B is dropping IVY PARK this weekend because it’s her birthday weekend. Kathleen is as big of a birthday whore as I am, she may be an even bigger birthday whore than I am. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KATHLEEN!  

Here’s my early gift to Kathleen for her birthday (Sunday): photos of her (imaginary) boyfriend Michael B Jordan in London this week promoting Just Mercy. After the Oscar nominations were announced earlier this week, Kathleen posted a piece wondering why MBJ has yet to be nominated even though there’s so much precedent for actors of his status by this age to be nominated. When will MBJ get his? 

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,