Dear Gossips, 

I started a new folder today, which is always a trip. It’s the first thing I’ve labelled “2021” in, well, 2021. And while I’ve always had the habit of looking back on “what happened exactly a year ago today”, I’ve been thinking a lot more about what oblivious things we all said exactly a year ago without knowing what the year would actually be, unaware of what was already on its way. How many of us declared that “this year is going to be XYZ!” or “I’m going to do XYZ this year!” exactly a year ago and ended up drastically revising those statements? 


A year ago in this space, the first post of 2020, we were rolling out our Golden Globes coverage. The Golden Globes usually happen the first Sunday of the year so if it were a typical year, that would have been last night, and we would be kicking off the site with award season. It’s the first time since I started this blog (and its predecessor, the newsletter) 18 years ago (holy sh-t) that we’re not talking about the Globes this week. My point is… have you been circumspect in your statements about 2021 after what you experienced in 2020? 

That’s the question I was answering for myself over the last few days as I was getting ready to write this first post of 2021: what is going to hold up a year from now, in 2022, no matter what goes down? 

The answer, as always, is Beyoncé. This was her New Year wish for 2021 to the Beyhive, as she opened up her archives to give us never-before-seen footage and rare shots of her kids, a glimpse into what she was up to last year, but also to let us know that she’s “taking [her] own advice”. 



Keep in mind though that a “less intense” year for Beyoncé still included the release of several major projects, including Black is King and “Black Parade”, two clothing drops, charitable efforts in support of COVID relief in underserved communities, and probably a lot more that we’re not yet aware of. 

Here’s something else that will hold up: the Beyoncé work ethic, as shared by DJ Swivel on January 1. 


No matter what 2021 will become, pretty sure we can be reassured by the fact that Beyoncé’s excellence will not be diminished. 

Happy New Year!

Yours in gossip,