Young Hollywood gossip continues to be chaotic in 2023. Camila Cabello broke up with Austin Kevitch, a dating app CEO, in February. Shawn Mendes has been rumoured to be dating either his chiropractor, Jocelyne Miranda, or Sabrina Carpenter. 


He said in an interview a few weeks ago that there’s nothing between him in Sabrina but he continues to be seen with Jocelyne…but not on Friday night at Coachella, where he and Camila were all over each other – dancing, grinding, and kissing. So this isn’t just about body language interpretation, this was definitely a re-spark. It’s just a matter of whether or not that spark came back for just one night or whether this is the beginning of a reconciliation. 

Because everyone is lit at Coachella. There’s a lot of drinking, a lot of other substances being consumed, it’s bumpin’ in the desert…and people get horny. It’s easy to get horny around an ex when you’re in that environment. So, in the moment, of course, how could they resist? But does that mean for sure that they’re getting back together? 

At the end of the night, the paps followed Shawn, Camila, and some of her girlfriends as they were leaving. One of the photographers straight up asked Camila if she and Shawn were a thing again for real. Her friend answered “yes!” and it sounded to me like it was a joke because they all started giggling. Shawn was trailing behind them and he called over to Camila because she’d walked past the car. That’s when she and her friends doubled back and got into the ride, with Shawn, and they all pulled away. In theory, then, they went home together that night. 


But Camila was back at Coachella on both Saturday and Sunday with her friends, no Shawn. Which doesn’t mean they’re not back together but I don’t think we can start calling it a reunion either. Sometimes you wake up the next day and what seemed like a great idea the night before looks entirely different when the sun is out. If you’ve been there, and I have, too many times, you know what I mean.