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When Ryan Gosling hosted Saturday Night Live in September 2017, one of the most talked-about and enduring sketches of the night was one that aired late in the episode. It was where he freaks over the Avatar font, Papyrus. People love to dump on SNL and most of the time, sure, they deserve it, especially Jost and Che, but when SNL taps into something (and, yes, the complaint is that they don’t do it that often anymore), they really, really nail it. That sketch became a support group for Papyrus haters. People really get into their feelings over fonts. And fonts can be gossipy. When Taylor Swift started promotion for the reputation era a couple of years ago, there was all kinds of talk about whether or not the reputation font was similar to Kanye West’s font for The Life of Pablo. 

A new font trend has emerged – not surprising as it goes with the overall trend that we’re seeing in fashion and beauty: 70s. Vox reports that the groovy, curvy font that was super popular in the 60s and 70s is having a moment, seen all over Instagram in brand marketing and for new product launches, like this:


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Speaking of Jones, there’s also Daisy Jones & The Six, the NYT bestseller, one of the biggest book releases of the year based on a fictional 70s rock band. The North American cover didn’t lean into the 70s font too hard but check out the cover of the UK edition: 


So we’re coming into a 70s takeover. The font is everywhere. The haircut is everywhere. Zendaya has the haircut. Should Zendaya be Daisy Jones?


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Picture Duana’s face. I can’t see it but I already know she’s smugging. Duana, as I’ve mentioned, and as we’ve discussed on Show Your Work, was way ahead of the curve on this hair. 

But how long does this last? For sure the summer, it’ll be a 70s summer, but will the 70s go all the way into 2020? Or will we be over the retro thing by Thanksgiving? 

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