Dear Gossips, 

The WGA and the AMPTP met yesterday and then issued a joint statement: 


This is, no doubt, encouraging. The fact that both sides are back at the table and have agreed to show up at the table again means that right now they’re willing to keep talking, which is certainly more progress than we’ve seen in months. But… at the same time… let’s not exaggerate the progress. Because the exaggeration is out there. Like this article at CNBC that notes that a deal could be reached today, with the reporter qualifying it with a warning: 


The way it’s supposed to work, with the brevity of that joint statement which was basically just a short conformation of the fact that they did meet and they will meet again, is that neither side is supposed to be leaking sh-t to the media. So for some members of the media to be suggesting that a deal might be imminent… 

I mean, obviously, everyone hopes that they can all come to an agreement and get people back to work. But as we have also seen, there have been manipulation tactics at play. And setting up these expectations, well, you have to wonder who that benefits and what the intended takeaway might be. Here are a couple of tweets that put it into perspective: 


It is possible that the AMPTP is setting up the narrative that, should talks break off and they once again find themselves at an impasse, they’re fomenting the idea that they tried their best, with all these details about the CEOs from Disney, Netflix, Warner Bros, and Universal graciously clearing their schedules to accommodate this current round of negotiations. So… it just smells a little suspicious. 

Again, like I said, of course everyone is hoping that they can come to a deal, a FAIR deal for the writers. It’s not just about oh, let’s meet and sign some papers and whoever doesn’t want to sign the papers is the problem. The PROBLEM is that the writers have not been paid or protected, that their working conditions have gradually eroded over time, so if the reasonable changes that they’re asking for aren’t met, and they don’t sign the papers, that’s on the studios, even though they seem to be, already, setting up some spin. 

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