Dear Gossips,   

Beyoncé has me freaking out, as usual. Her latest Instagram posts, have you seen them? She’s posing on trucks with Chinese and Japanese writing all over them. She’s hanging out in a Japanese convenience store. 


People are assuming this footage was taken from when she was in Japan on the day of the act ii: COWBOY CARTER release. 


And that trip was epic indeed. Beyoncé doing a meet and greet like it was 2004 in the cleanest country in the whole world. These pictures, these visuals, it makes me feel closer to her, LOL. Because Beyoncé is in love with Japan, just like me! 


This is what happens whenever almost anyone goes to Japan – you cannot get enough of Japan. How long before “kudasai” shows up in her lyrics? Hal Baddie just came to mind. And I’m not the only one: 


No, but seriously, the Renaissance World Tour did not stop in Asia. Is she telling us something? Will she be headed back to Japan on tour? I don’t need a reason to go back to Japan, the minute I left Japan at the end of November I wanted to return to Japan. I think about moving to Japan every day. And if the Queen announces that she’ll be performing in Japan, there is no f-cking away I won’t be there. 

Nihon kudasai! 

Yours in gossip,