Dear Gossips,

#CancelEverything was trending on my timelines yesterday. And people are being encouraged to practice “social distancing”. Certain people have an easier time with that than others. They made themselves heard on Twitter – and, please, of course this is serious, nothing could be more serious, but it’s also OK to try to find lightness – and that’s when introverts had their moment: 

This, below, could be Sasha but in addition to being an introvert and a germophobe, she’s also paranoid and has no chill:

Anyway, since we’re all staying home for the foreseeable future… what are your plans this weekend? Now might be the time to address the “OMG there’s too much TV” problem in your life? Here are some suggestions: 

If you haven’t already, you’re starting HBO’s Succession (available on Crave in Canada – yes I work for the same company that owns Crave but I’d watch Succession even if I didn’t because we all need to know Cousin Greg and Tom Wambsgans, the most perfect name for a character ever). 

While on the self-promotion tip though, also check out HBO’s The Outsider which just wrapped last weekend and I’ve been asked not to post about it yet because some people are still catching up. Cynthia Erivo has created one of the best characters on television. You will love Holly Gibney. 

My watching schedule for the weekend includes finishing Crash Landing On You on Netflix. It’s a Korean drama, it’s bananas, and I love it but I had to hit pause on it for a month because of work so I need to binge the last four episodes, don’t tell me what happens! To the rest of you though – please consider fully exploring Netflix’s library of East Asian dramas because they’re crazy and hilarious. 

For me though, my Netflix priority starting tomorrow is going to be Season 3 of Elite. ELITE! Introduce yourself to Elite if you haven’t already. It’s sexy and dark and addictive and f-cking bonkers and these two beauties are in it and they make out all the time so …what’s the problem?


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Netflix dropped the trailer for Elite Season 3 last week and Kathleen and I had a text meltdown. I will never complain about a show that involves one person slapping the other across the face when he tells her he loves her while they’re wearing private school uniforms. 


Let me know what you’ll be doing when you’re not doing anything this weekend? Will try to share recommendations in the coming days. 

Yours in gossip,