Welcome back to What's Your Drama. Before we dig into your dirt we talk about the sexiest accessory of our time: the COVID mask. Oh and at some point we also get off focus and talk about BLACKPINK because these days they are the only light at the end of the tunnel.


Then it's time for YOUR drama!

Our first letter comes from "Marissa". Marissa is single with no kids which automatically makes her feel left out from her friend group who yup, you guessed it, are all married with kids. Does she have to find a new group of girlfriends or should she keep on reminding them she wants to be included in the fun?

Next, "Julie" writes in about the new guy she's dating. They started during the pandemic and they are sorta stuck with each other and while Julie is down, she's getting the feeling that her COVID-BF is using her as a distraction.

Finally, our last writer is moving to Germany and is getting worried about how she'll meet new friends when you know, once again, the damn global pandemic. We try to get her pumped for the big move.


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